Copper Petcare Products

A natural, non-chemical, long lasting anti-bacterial, anti-fungi, anti-odour solution to protect your pets.

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Ladies Copper Pyjamas

The combination of bamboo yarn with copper infusion creates the ultimate in health and comfort benefits.

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Copper Eye Mask

Comfortable, flexible and breathable and will work night after night.

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Short Compression Copper Socks

Whether you are active or inactive, these copper compression socks are designed with to be worn 24 hours a day to provide comfort, support and protection throughout the useful life of the garment.

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100% Pure Natural Copper

A completely safe, chemical free, natural, non-drug and non-invasive solution.

Copper Outperforms Silver

All forms of Silver are non-selective toxic biocides - making it poisonous to humans and only exhibit anti-microbial activity in the presence of moisture and humidity. Copper is not poisonous and works across all temperatures.

Promotion of Angiogenesis

Copper is known to promote the development of blood vessels and rejuvenate skin through the synthesis of collagen and elastin.


Our tests show that Copper destroys 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses within minutes of contact.

Completely Durable

Copper ions are bonded on a molecular level meaning they will not leach. Our wash tests highlight that the benefits of copper will last the lifetime of the product.


Copper is able to destroy the bacteria and fungi that typically cause foul smells and bad odour.



"The initial kill rate, for the first 30-40 minutes contact, on the copper nylon fabric was actually faster than on 100% copper metal."

Our Research Partner: University of Southampton


Cu in sample unwashed: 51ppm Cu in sample washed 40 times at 40c: 49ppm. Effectiveness of copper will last the lifetime of the product.

Our Research Partner: Intertek


I have bought goods from Copper Clothing several times, and they have always been of good quality and well priced.

Bob Giles – Nottingham

I have had an open ulcer on my lower leg for nearly 5 years, over that time I have gone through many treatments and courses of antibiotics in hospital. I know locally from where I live one of the staff at Copper Clothing, they recommended I try some of their Copper throughout compression socks. After wearing the socks daily for about 6 weeks the open ulcer closed up and reduced in size from a one pence piece to the size of a cigarette burn. The doctors at my local university hospital were so impressed they contacted Copper Clothing and are now looking to trial a few of their products for symptoms similar to mine and range of other ailments.

Mike Webster – Kenley, Surrey

I purchased a pair of the ladies copper pyjamas as I was going into hospital for an operation. After seeing a friend of a friend get MRSA I was absolutely paranoid about catching it and was determined to do anything I could to help prevent this. After hearing about the pyjamas it was an obvious purchase. I came out MRSA free!! whether it was the pyjamas or not, I didn’t care! they are warm, well made, comfortable and a peace of mind. Delivered on time in a nice box. Thank you.

M.W. – Surrey

Just received my beauty eye mask. Service and delivery was very efficient. Can’t wait to wear it and see the great effects!

Thanks Copper Clothing!!!

Eleanor, West Sussex

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