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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What The Media Say
BBC News Online
Portsmouth student's copper pyjamas help fight MRSA

A Portsmouth student has developed night-time clothing which it is hoped can help fight the deadly MRSA infection.

The anti-microbial properties of copper are well known, but Amber McCleary dreamt up the idea of using copper in pyjamas as a method of infection control.

She has patented the fabric and early trials are said to have had encouraging results.

BBC London News

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

"that University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust recognise that the use of Copper in fabrics and hard touch surfaces are an important development that may potentially help in the reduction of HCAI and are intending to carry out further trials on the wards to identify the potential benefits and costs and the effectiveness of Copper at reducing infection."

Dr Jan Westbury , R&D Senior Manager (and Infection Prevention Researcher), University Hospital Southampton NHS FoundationTrust

Croydon University Hospital

As part of a leading group of consultants making up the medical specialist advisory board at Croydon university hospital having researched the background laboratory (in vitro) and in vivo studies we are keen to carry out further studies in the form of clinical trials in both the socks for skin improvement in lower leg and foot ,also for the potential reduction in perineal infection. Also to study any potential reduction in HCAI in the wards using Copper fabrics.

Mr Abdul Sultan, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Croydon University Hospital

Daily Mail Online Health Section

Could copper pyjamas stop you getting a hospital superbug? 

  • Gemma Wilby, 30, from Caterham in Surrey fought life-threatening MRSA
  • Wound from her emergency Caesarean became infected with superbug
  • Six weeks later the infection had completely healed
  • Gemma insists solution was a pair of pyjamas she bought for £49.99

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Daily Mirror Online

My copper pyjamas saved me from dying of MRSA says new mum Gemma Wilbys

Gemma's pyjamas led to miracle recovery from deadly flesh-eating bug and now prompt clinical trials on copper garment

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Daily Mail Online

New mother left with 10-inch hole in her stomach after getting MRSA from C-section wound - and says she only survived because of COPPER-infused pyjamas

  • Gemma Wilby, 30, gave birth to her son Alfie in September 2012
  • C-section scar soon became badly infected and she had 10-inch gaping hole
  • Despite undergoing life-saving surgery, having maggots placed on the wound to eat away the dead flesh and medication, the infection continued
  • Eventually tried copper-infused pyjamas which she says killed the infection
  • Chemical has been shown to have anti-bacterial and healing properties
  • Pyjamas are now being trialled in hospital in the fight against superbugs

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BBC London News



Care Talk Issue 30

"Copper-infused pyjamas, bedding and socks that can really aid health"


Care Talk

Copper Clothing & Amber McCleary featured on The One Show BBC 1

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