"Could these be the healthiest socks you will ever own?"

How can copper light compression socks help me? Some people might say they only aid arthritis!

Compression socks are known to greatly improve circulation in lower leg and foot. The copper coated fibre which is present throughout the socks has been shown to kill 99.9% of bacteria and fungi. Keeping your feet healthy and odour free.

Why is it that N.A.S.A. and some of the largest land armies across the world including the US and Chinese armies are now using copper infused socks? Let’s not forget the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped 2,362 feet below ground for 70 days who were provided amazing copper sock’s in their emergency provisions.

Tomorrow’s technology available for you TODAY!

Many studies have shown that Copper fabrics and Compression wear have some the following benefits:-

  • Tired of embarrassing smelly feet? Ultra anti odour
  • Copper bangles as with copper fabrics are widely shown to help alleviate
  • Widely reported to facilitate the improvement of many foot and skin conditions
  • Studies have shown copper sock’s can help alleviates burning and itching sensations of athletes foot or fungal infections
  • May help alleviate pain, swelling and aching legs
  • No need to launder as often as other socks LESS LAUNDRY!!
  • Rehydrates feet and rejuvenates the skin including promoting the growth of collagen and elastin
  • Great aid for diabetic, the elderly or anyone with compromised blood circulation and those at a greater risk of skin / foot pathologies
  • Helps eliminate fluid build up that can be caused by problems with veins in your legs and also occur during pregnancy
  • Suitable for those with Varicose veins and Oedema (blood pooling in the feet)
  • Can help prevent DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)

The copper fabric maintains its health giving benefits after washing for the usable life of the garment.

Can over a 1000 podiatrists / chiropodists be wrong recommending copper socks
(“Podiatry Today”- December 2011)

"A leading vascular consultant and prominent figure within the diabetic network, was so impressed with the science and self trial. That a group of similar minded consultants decided to put the product into a hospital patient study. We eagerly await the results."

Completely Drug Free ..... Natural..... Non-invasive ..... And Very Effective!!

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