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Monday, April 24, 2017

Mens Copper Pyjamas

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Choose Your Size:
  • Medium- Chest(38in to 40in - Waist 33in to 35in)
  • Large- (Chest 41in to 43in - Waist 36in to 38in)
  • Extra Large- (Chest 44in to 46in - Waist 39in to 41in)
  • Colour: Copper with black trim

    In stock for immediate order.


    Mens Copper Pyjamas
    Price: £54.99

    • The fabric is soft, comfortable, warm and breathable
    • These copper / bamboo mix pyjamas are a health inspired design and can be worn for long periods of time, for example hospitals or care homes
    • Tested and proven to be anti MRSA
    • Anti static
    • Copper / Bamboo infused garments are soft and smooth with no spurs to irritate eczema sufferers & can help with dry skin
    • Bamboo fabric is known for fantastic moisture management
    • Promotes Blood Flow
    • No need to launder as often as other pyjamas LESS LAUNDRY!!
    • Odour resistant - Feel fresh for longer.
    • Contains: 60% Copper infused Yarn, 40% Bamboo Yarn incorporating deowear® technology

    Bamboo fabric is light and strong and is to some extent antibacterial. Pioneered in the 20th century, the use of bamboo fibre has become increasingly popular, partly due to the environmental advantages as a sustainable resource but also because the fabric is very soft and can be worn directly next to the skin. Many people who experience allergic reactions to other natural fibres, such as wool or hemp, do not complain of this issue with bamboo. Bamboo yarn is naturally smooth without any chemical treatment, resulting in no skin irritation. The combination of bamboo yarn with copper infusion creates the ultimate in health and comfort benefits.

    The copper fabric maintains its health giving benefits after washing for the usable life of the garment.

    Completely Drug Free ..... Natural..... Non-invasive ..... And Very Effective!!

    “Read our customer's own life-changing stories, testimonials and photos.”

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