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Monday, April 24, 2017

Copper Pet Blanket / Throw

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Sizes: 150cm X 100cm
Colour: Dark Brown

In stock for immediate order.


Copper Pet Blanket / Throw
Price: £29.99

  • Made with 25% Copper Infused fibre
  • Anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral helping to protect your pet
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Designed to truly stop odour and help with your best friends wellbeing
  • Our pet blankets are naturally anti odour and are NOT chemically treated like some others
  • Perfect for providing warmth and comfort
  • Promotes blood flow
Size:- 150cm x 100cm (approximately 59 inches x 39 inches)

A luxury pet blanket, made to the highest standards containing 25% copper infused thermo regulating fibres. Soft fleece with a warm comforting feel. A flexible form of bedding which can be used to protect your carpet, sofa, bed or car seats whilst pampering your pet. These blankets are fully machine washable.

The copper fabric maintains its health giving benefits after washing for the usable life of the garment.

Completely Drug Free ..... Natural..... Non-invasive ..... And Very Effective!!

“Read our customer's own life-changing stories, testimonials and photos.”

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